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Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is Repaying His Enemies With Calamity While Compensating His Faithful

During 2021, the Lord gave me the assignment to write about the seven spirits of the Lord. A friend, not knowing about this, sent me a video of a pastor sharing his vision about them. Now that it is 2022, it is time to write about the seventh one—the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. Let us start by reviewing the vision:

Pastor Chris Reed, of Crestwood Vineyard, had been teaching a series on the seven spirits of God. One day during worship, he was caught up in the spirit to heaven. He saw colors so beautiful in realms of glory.

An angel whose name was Fear of the Lord, dressed in white with eyes piercing like fire and a blue haze around him. motioned to him to “come.” He wanted him to see a wooden door and go into it. So, he walked through the door out of the glory he had been in.

He found himself in a library of books. He looked up at the heading of some books on the shelf and saw the words THE SUPERNATURAL. One book stood out to him, “The Seven Spirits of God.” He pulled it out. The front cover read The Spirit of the LORD.

The inside pages were very thick: page 1 was Spirit of Wisdom; page 2 Spirit of Understanding; page 3 Spirit of Counsel; page 4 Spirit of Might; page 5 Spirit of Knowledge. The back cover said Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. Chris then glanced up.

The Seven Spirits of the Lord

The angel told him to look back down and the back cover was ripped off the back binding. All five center, thick pages had fallen out of the book and were LOST.

The angel named Fear of the Lord told Chris, “What you have in your left hand is representative of what is left in the majority of the spirit-filled world [the front cover—The Spirit of the LORD.]”

In his right hand was the back cover—The fear of the LORD. “The rest of the seven spirits all leave when the fear of the LORD is taken away,” the angel said.

The middle five pages of the book entitled “The Seven Spirits of God” are still lost and will never return until the back cover, Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, brings them back. Specifically, where are we now and what has to happen before the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord returns. When will He restore the middle pages, and is it even possible?

What is the Fear of God?

The definition of Fear of the Lord can be summed up in one Scripture from the Amplified Bible. “Let all the earth fear the Lord [revere and worship Him]; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him” (Psalm 33:8).

Does this sound like our world today? Or, does it look more like this?

What is the Current state of the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord?

To review what the Bible says about it and what God’s answer is, let us start with 2 Timothy 3: 1-9:

Perilous Times and Perilous Men

But know this, that in the last days [a]perilous times will come:

For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

unloving, [unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good,

traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,

having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts,

always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith;

God’s Answer from Timothy:

but they will progress no further, for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was” (NKJV).

Have we missed seeing this verse?

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is Repaying His Enemies With Calamity While Compensating His Faithful

Wisdom Warns – God’s Answer

20-21 Lady Wisdom goes out in the street and shouts.
At the town center she makes her speech.
In the middle of the traffic she takes her stand.
At the busiest corner she calls out:

22-24 “Simpletons! How long will you wallow in ignorance?
Cynics! How long will you feed your cynicism?
Idiots! How long will you refuse to learn?
    About face! I can revise your life.
Look, I’m ready to pour out my spirit on you;
I’m ready to tell you all I know.
As it is, I’ve called, but you’ve turned a deaf ear;
I’ve reached out to you, but you’ve ignored me.

25-28 “Since you laugh at my counsel
and make a joke of my advice,
How can I take you seriously?
I’ll turn the tables and joke about your troubles!
What if the roof falls in,
and your whole life goes to pieces?
What if catastrophe strikes {like the whirlwind, NASB} and there’s nothing
to show for your life but rubble and ashes?
You’ll need me then. You’ll call for me, but don’t expect an answer.
No matter how hard you look, you won’t find me.

29-33 Because you hated Knowledge
and had nothing to do with the Fear-of-God,
Because you wouldn’t take my advice
and brushed aside all my offers to train you,

Well, you’ve made your bed—now lie in it;
you wanted your own way—now, how do you like it?
Don’t you see what happens, you simpletons, you idiots?
 Carelessness kills; complacency is murder.
First pay attention to me, and then relax.
Now you can take it easy—you’re in good hands [without fear of evil NKJV] (Prov. 1:20-33 The Message).”

What Does a Person Look Like Who is Walking in the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord?

“About face! I can revise your life. Look, I’m ready to pour out my spirit on you; I’m ready to tell you all I know,” says the Lord. This is how your life can look:

  • Faithful and Obedient: 2 Chron. 19:9
  • Clean Living: Ps. 19:9
  • Endure forever Ps. 19:19
  • Filled with understanding with obedience: Ps. 111:10
  • Have Common Sense: Prov. 1 and 2
  • Understand the fear of the Lord and find knowledge of God. Prov. 1:7, Prov. 2:5
  • Fear of the Lord is beginning of wisdom: 9:10
  • Days are prolonged: Prov. 10:27
  • Have strong confidence: Prov. 14:26
  • Filled with fountain of Life: Prov. 14:27
  • Contented with little: Prov. 15:16
  • Not visited with evil and satisfied: Prov. 19:23
  • To depart from evil is wisdom: Job 28:28 and Prov. 16:6
  • Rich, honored and full of life: Prov. 22.4
  • Never envies sinners Prov. 23:17
  • Protected; an angel encamps around those who fear the Lord: Ps. 34:7
  • Loved and pitied by the Lord: Ps. 103:13

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is Rewarding Enemies of God with Calamity While Compensating His Faithful

How Does the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord come upon a people or nation?

Chapter 11 of Isaiah, verses one and two, are where the seven spirits of God are spelled out. This has been the Scriptural rock for the previous six articles about them. Verse one explains that Jesus is the Branch out of the root of King David’s father Jesse’s line. The chapter continues to explain more about how the fear of the Lord comes upon people.

  • “And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him [Jesus]—the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the reverential and obedient fear of the Lord
  • And shall make Him of quick understanding, and His delight shall be in the reverential and obedient fear of the Lord. And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, neither by the hearing of His ears.
  • But with righteousness and justice shall He judge the poor and decide with fairness for the meek, the poor, and the downtrodden of the earth; and He shall smite the earth and the oppressor with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips. He shall slay the wicked.
  • And righteousness shall be the girdle of His waist and faithfulness the girdle of His loins (Amplified).

Jesus was obedient to death as He delighted in the reverential fear, awe and worship of His Father until His last breath on Earth. He earned His right to be the judge of the earth.

Isaiah, Chapter 59, shows more specifically what must happen for the reverence of God to come upon a people and nation on Earth.

God saw that there was no man to intercede for the nation, so He brought His own arm to bring salvation and righteousness for Himself. He brough His Son, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, who is continually interceding for us right now. In many times past for Israel and for all nations, He is still rewarding:

“According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay,

Fury to His adversaries, Recompense to His enemies;

The coastlands He will fully repay,

So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west,

And His glory from the rising of the sun;

When the enemy comes in like a flood,

The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:18-19 NKJV).

Fury to His adversaries and recompense to His enemies. Recompense means compensation for damages incurred, to fully repay. Likewise, it means to return in kind for all deeds done, [good or bad]. Only then will they fear the name of the LORD!

Examples of When the Fear of God Came Upon People in The Bible

Spirit of the Fear of the Lord at Jericho

RAHAB: Before God was able to bring the Israelites out of Egypt’s bondage, He had to resort to allowing the death angel to repay Pharaoh for killing all the first-born baby boys of the Jewish people. Moses escaped this fate, was nursed by his own mother who was paid to do so by Pharaoh’s own daughter. Only God.

After Pharaoh’s own first-born son died at the tenth plague God sent upon the land, he let the Israelites go to serve their God. The people in the land where they were going many miles away heard about this, and they feared the Israelites because of their God’s deliverance.

Rahab was one of those people. She lived on the wall of Jericho where the spies went first––in order to spy out the promised land. Because she hid the spies and feared their God, she was saved, and all her household; then the whole army took Jericho.

She had said,” the terror of you has fallen on us.”

A MIXED MULTITUDE: The fear of the Israelites’ God fell on many Egyptians who chose to leave Egypt with the Jewish people who had been in bondage (Exodus 12:38); however, with no foundation in knowing who God was, nor who they were in Him, they complained about everything and about Moses, their anointed leader. They brought much trouble in the camp.

ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA HIS WIFE: The early followers of Jesus, after His resurrection, shared with each other. Barnabas sold some property and laid the money at the apostles’ feet. Ananias and his wife sold a possession and kept back part of the proceeds, both agreeing to tell the apostles they were giving the whole amount.

Peter immediately saw the dishonesty and said, “Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit . . . was it not in your own control? You have not lied to men but to God.”

Upon hearing these words, Ananias fell down and breathed his last breath. His wife arrived later and agreed to the amount they sold the possession for. She also fell down dead.

“So great fear came upon all the church and upon all who heard these things” (Acts 5:11).

Saul blinded and met Jesus on road to Damascus

SAUL’s CONVERSION: A Pharisee named Saul persecuted the early Christians with threats and murder. Jesus Himself met him on the road to Damascus where Saul was going to bring many following The Way bound to Jerusalem. Jesus blinded Saul as He said, “Why do you persecute ME?” Saul was blind for three days and nights before God sent a believer to pray for him to receive his sight.

Jesus called Saul to reach non-Jewish people, kings and the children of Israel. He wrote most of the New Testament—through much suffering of his own. His name was changed to Paul, and after he was accepted by the church, the people had peace, “And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, they were multiplied” (Acts 9:31).

When will the Fear of the Lord Return?

On the very first day of Jesus’ public ministry, He went into the synagogue and read from the Prophet Isaiah, chapter 61, verses one and part of number two. Isaiah announces that His ministry would two-fold. First, to open the door of grace to the world. He would preach the gospel and bring healing, recovery of sight to the blind, liberty to the captives and BE the Jubilee (when all things are restored).

The second mission, Jesus did not address that day. He stopped short of Isaiah’s prophecy and sat down. (See Luke 4).

His second mission addresses the end of time at His second coming. “. . .and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn” (Isaiah 61:2). Vengeance on sin, darkness, sickness, and eventually the ‘goat’ nations.[i]

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is Repaying His Enemies With Calamity While Compensating His Faithful

At the End of the Age

Jesus told His disciples that at the end of time, He would “gather the good fish into vessels, but throw the bad away.”

“At the end of the age, the angels will come forth, separate the wicked from among the just, and cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 13:48-50).

In the same chapter of the Bible, He told His disciples He would let the tares (looks like wheat but is not wheat) planted by the enemy remain with the good wheat until the end. He said, “Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, ‘First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn’” (Matthew 13:30).

Regarding the tares and wheat Jesus said, “The harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are the angels. Therefore, as the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age.

“The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness

“and will cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

“Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 13:39-43).

Today, we see this happening. Angels are dividing the counterfeit wheat from the true wheat as well as the sheep nations that serve God from those who do not––the goat nations.

At the Harvest – the Latter Rain

In other words, we are seeing the harvest in full swing. Just as Jesus said, He will divide them up and bring fury to His adversaries and recompense to His enemies.

What we are about to see is a supernatural harvest of unparalleled proportions––times seven!  The prophet Joel, Chapter 2, speaks of two outpourings of rain of the Holy Spirit. The former rain and the latter rain.

The former rain, or ‘moreh’ was in the autumn

The latter rain, or ‘malkosh’ is in the spring, or harvest time at the end of the age.[ii] “The threshing floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil” (vs. 24).

The former rain happened at the day of Pentecostal fire––50 days after Jesus resurrected from death.

The latter rain is happening right now, and will intensify.

“I will restore to you the years the locust has eaten . . . You shall have plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the LORD your God, who has dwelt wondrously with you; and My people will never be put to shame. Then you shall know that I AM in the midst of Israel; I AM the LORD your God and there is no other. My people shall never be put to shame” (vs. 25-27).

At The Back of the Book

In Revelation, the last book of the Bible, Chapter 5, we see the Lamb of God, Jesus crucified, upon the throne. My first post about the seven spirits pictured this scene in detail–with links to the center five spirits: What Are the Seven Holy Spirits of God Key to Supernatural Life of a Christian.

But there’s more.

We must look at this again. The Lamb has seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth (vs. 6). And His eyes like a flame of fire (Rev. 1:14).

This is a worldwide outpouring of Supernatural Holy Spirit Fire––the latter rain––a Kingdom Revival, a GREAT Awakening –the harvest of souls we have been praying for. The answers from the golden bowls of the prayers of the saints from all time are being poured out right now (vs. 8).

Verse 7 says, “Then He came and took the scroll . . . “and began opening the seven seals that begin the tribulation period, but not before the harvest and all the good fish are separated from the bad into vessels, and good wheat gathered into His barn.

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, Seventh Spirit

Is It Possible for the Center Wisdom Pages to Be Restored by the Fear of the Lord?

The answer to this question has to be yes! If Jesus is pouring out ALL the seven spirits of God into all the earth, then they WILL BE poured out and all five, center Wisdom pages restored. But it is a SUPERNATURAL event, just as the heading over the book that the Fear of the Lord angel showed Chris Reed. Anything God does is supernatural.

A vision of Jesus and the Harvest Angels

Pastor Mike Thompson, of Word Of Life World Outreach, was taken up into a vision when he was worshiping. He saw himself standing behind Jesus and Michael the archangel. He overheard Michael say to Jesus, “The angels and I are ready.”

Jesus looked down at Earth and said, “There has never been more people on Earth who hate me as there are right now.”

He paused and said, “There has never been more people on Earth who love me as there are right now. We will take the people who love me and go after those who hate me.”

Every dream or vision we hear should be taken to the Bible to see if it is Scriptural. You decide. Psalm 102:19-20 NASB says:

“For He looked down from His holy height;

From heaven the LORD gazed upon the earth,

To hear the groaning of the prisoner;

To set free those who were doomed to death,

That men may tell of the name of the LORD . . . and His praise . . . .”

Men and angels going after those who hate Jesus IS the harvest.

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord Can Be Taught and Learned

“Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.”Ps. 34:11

We cannot afford to be like the ‘mixed multitude’ in the wilderness who complained against God and who all eventually died in the wilderness from a plague (Numbers 11: 4,33-34). Neither did they receive 5 ETERNAL CROWN REWARDS.

They had no foundation although they were out of bondage, and they did not listen to Moses or try to learn more. Their lives were built on sand and not on the Rock of Jesus’ WORD. When hardship and the storms came, their spirit crumbled and they died. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken (Haggai 2), but not for those on the ROCK.

There is no more time to be careless and complacent. We all will have to give account of our lives to Jesus––for every word said and deed done.

Our women’s group learned that studying the names of God taught us the Fear of the Lord. One meeting, as we were discussing His name with open Bibles, we came upon a Scripture, Malachi 3: 16:

“Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another,

And the LORD listened and heard them,

So, a book of remembrance was written before Him,

For those who fear the LORD, and who meditate on His name.”

May I challenge you to print out this teaching TODAY and meditate upon it with an open Bible––with this PDF File:The Spirit Of The Fear Of The Lord Article. The LORD exalts His Word even above His name.

Look up these Scriptures. Get your eyes in your Bible and you will find yourself learning more than you dreamed. And, if you are a new believer or never knew what to do with what you got when you asked Jesus into your heart, download this free eBook about GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? : LEAVING BONDAGE, the first of four eBooks. The second eBook: LESSONS IN THE WILDERNESS, can be downloaded from within the first.

Be encouraged. You CAN Know God personally and intimately by the knowledge and fear of His name.

Header of all 4 eBooks of GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I?

All Scripture references are from the New King James Version of the Bible unless otherwise indicated.

[i] Passion and Fire Ministries, Inc., The Book of Isaiah, The Passion Translation, (Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC, 2019) 143 footnotes.

[ii] Jonathan Cahn, The Book of Mysteries, (Frontline, Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group, 2018) 44.

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