Harvest of Hope - Conquering Brain Cancer Book Cover

HARVEST OF HOPE – Conquering Brain Cancer

Harvest of Hope - Conquering Brain Cancer Book Cover
HARVEST OF HOPE: Conquering Brain Cancer, 228 pages, $11.99

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BARBARA RAMSEY knew from childhood on that she would someday write a book. As an avid reader all her life, years passed, and the main subject of that book kept evading her. Until . . . one defining day in June 2010, when brain cancer rudely crashed into the middle of her normal existence, creating a jolting crisis of faith. Suddenly, the rug was jerked right from under her and her husband Jim’s very strong capable feet. Within a few days, they no longer had a secure job, home, or financial future.

Their vocabulary quickly changed from farming terms and simple faith to words like: glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer; radiation and chemotherapy treatment; biopsy; neurology; and other foreign hospital terms. From the beginning of the terminal diagnosis, they fought for the best quality of life possible. This goal led them to treatment by proton beam radiation therapy at ProCure Proton Therapy Center — which is now the Oklahoma Proton Center. While dealing with the shock of cancer, they also battled a big health insurance company through many processes of appeals.

After treatment, they dealt with the struggle of advancing brain cancer symptoms and the changed dynamic of the relationship between a husband and wife. This book brings the reader along for the exhilarating, painful, miraculous ride.

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WHILE WRITING THE BOOK she was destined to write, Barbara Ramsey also met and married her current husband, also an author. They live in the Midwest and enjoy golf, traveling, and most of all, spending quality time with their children and grandchildren. She is open to the possibility that God has another book for her to write in the near future. If this book touched your life, you can contact her at bramsey0208@gmail.com.


“I just finished the best book I ever read. There are no words. I read it in one setting unable to put it down. I cried so hard. My past was so different but I believe it held some healing for me. I have a new resolve to change some things in our lives. I know this will minister to many, many people.”
Vicky H.

“I ordered your book and when I got it, I couldn’t put it down! What a beautiful, heartwarming picture of your life with Jim. I know he was surely looking down from the heavens and so proud of you. The faith you held on to through all of the struggles you faced just brings to the forefront how God helps us and is always with us even though we may sometimes question His presence.”
Karla B.

“About three days after I bought this book, I started to read it… In my first reading, I read about 1/3 of the book (about 80 pages). Two days later, I finished the entire book in two separate readings… Barb is an excellent writer…very descriptive, and keeps one wanting to “see what happens next”… it’s a great testimony to God’s goodness and grace!~!! Highly recommended!!!”
Larry B

“Just finished your book. It was so good that I was unable to put it down. What a beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful testimony of love and the grace of God.”
Lynda W.

“I was so anxious to read your book when I got it that I hurriedly read it. Now I’m rereading it and digesting every word. It is wonderful. Your writing is so good. Did you have a ‘ghost writer’ or just did it yourself? That alone is God working. Just wanted you to know that I’m in my second reading. As I read the book my heart is so heavy for you in those days. I find myself praying for God to guide, direct, comfort you. Then I immediately find myself thanking him for all of these things that He did for you two. Then I find myself thanking Him for your life. I must continue in my nightly read of God’s Grace and mercy on your life.”
Bobby Lou W.

“Barb, I don’t know how you did it. I cried several times. I remembered so many things you told me and read some things I didn’t know. Your writing is so vivid!! I could feel every emotion you were relaying. I could have stood for it to be longer!!!”
Jill F.

“A truly amazing book. Once I started reading it I was unable to put it down. How can you not believe in something greater after hearing this story? Thank you for sharing it with everyone!”
Scott D.

“When I got this book, I started reading it in the evening. I could not put it down. If I had been able, I would have read it all night long. The author writes in very descriptive detail and makes you think you are right there in the midst of the drama. At every turn, God shows up for this couple and does He ever show out! God gets the glory out of this book – in the form of hope in ANY situation – not just if you are going through cancer. The author and her husband truly LIVED.”
Ann M.

“Harvest of Hope by Barbara Ramsey is a very well written story that includes the reason for hope in both Jim’s and Barb’s life. It is a great read and I recommend buying and reading it at your first opportunity.”
Laura K.

“I finished your book today. It was a tough read for me but I’m glad I did. One reason it was hard was that you all persevered and went through such difficult times. Paula’s was easy. She passed away 3 weeks to the day after being diagnosed, and a couple of days before she was to begin treatments. We don’t know what the scenarios will be when we die. We just have to be ready.”
Rick S

“No power since about 10:30 last night. Have wood for the furnace, propane for the stove & lots of food. Read aloud a very touching book, (Harvest of Hope) written by Barb Ramsey while Dareus listened & did word search puzzles. I started reading the book and couldn’t put it down. Read the whole thing. We both were choked up by the end. What you went through, how strong and brave you are- truly incredible. Though I’m sure at times you didn’t feel that way. To share your personal life and family so openly and honestly, though probably difficult, is truly a gift to us all. Thank you.”
Maxine M.

“Wanted to reach out and let you know I just finished your book. It was wonderfully and beautifully written! I found myself moved to tears several times learning more about the man who shaped the man I love and his wonderful family who I also love dearly. Congratulations on finishing it and sharing your heart! “
Amanda A.

“I am reading your book and it is really touching my heart! You went thru so much! So glad you are so happy! I know you will help so many people! Love the book.”
Connie M.

“Barb, just finished your book, it is remarkable and so touching. Tears of love for you my friend!”
Nancy T.

“We have both read the book and we were very impressed with your work. It must have been hard to relive all that you and Jim went through. We were aware of some of it at the time but not all of the problems and stress that you went through. We are happy for you that you are now able to enjoy life once again. We do hope you will use your talent and write another book.”
Tom and Kathy D.

“Oh, Barb so many lives will be touched by this. It is such a blessing that you took the time to sit down and document the journey. God has big plans for you, and Jim is doing mission work here on earth from above with you. You both remain so dear to my heart. I’ve already told people that you wrote the book. Let me know when you go to OKC to speak. I’d love to go there to see you! Blessings Always! God Bless You Always and in all Ways!”
Peggy K.

“Both Wayne and I have read your book. It is an amazing tribute to love, persistence, and faith. We ordered 3 copies. One for us, one for our son Ed, and we plan to donate the third one to the Cunningham Library in Jim’s memory. Wayne was so touched by the football story. We didn’t realize that Jim hadn’t laughed for a long time. I don’t think we realized how close to death he was at that time. That visit is a special memory for us, and now it is even more so.”
Rogene J.

“You have been in my thoughts all week. I received the books on a Monday evening and began to read that night. I couldn’t put it down and every day for the next three days, I’d pick it up and read another chapter or two. The story was so captivating – I felt I was there with you and Jim the whole time. The love you and Jim shared and the love of God were so real and wonderful! Your witness through the account of you and Jim and God with doctors, friends, and family, the insurance company, people………was so real and sweet and wonderful! I cried as I read and I marvel how you put your notes into a book to share for us all.”
Dorothy M.

“I can’t tell you how excited we were to receive the wonderful treasure of your book – Harvest of Hope – (great title!) After starting it, just could not put it down! It is a wonderful, inspirational book, and as I read, I lived along with you the journey. Yes, our Lord is so good, and although we don’t desire to go through times of trials, He is faithful to bring us through it and to walk with us every step of the way. And he uses it to help and bless others………..more than you know! Your book will be a great help to many who are experiencing all types of serious illnesses and other struggles, not only cancer. We are praying that your book will be widely read and that many, many people will be blessed by it, and that it will also increase the faith of many. Please do write another (or many more) books!”
Carita S.

“Very good book. The author did an awesome job of putting everything in intricate detail.”
Janie B.

“Barb Ramsey what a beautiful book! Thank you for sharing!”
Darius M.
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