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Women for Jesus came about after I met Denise (not her real name) after I accepted a job in the business office at Mercy Hospital in Fort Scott, KS in 1999. She was questioning everything about her life; she had multiple health issues, was childless and struggling with her relationship with God and her husband.

El Roi God Sees MeHowever, her thirst for knowing God made her a leader in helping to get our women’s group started. There was a Christian men’s group in town but no women’s group. We thought that odd. Worn out and burned out from my previous job, I told God I was not going to start one and that if He wanted it done, He would have to do it Himself.

Shortly afterwards, Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter, came to Kansas City, Kansas, not far from us. I had thirty books about angels left from my book business and thought it a good idea to give them to the thirty women who decided to go to Anne’s conference. Since her ministry name is “AnGel” it seemed appropriate.

One thing led to another and we wanted to keep the momentum going, so we had a contest about the name for our city-wide group. “Women with a Passion for Jesus” won. Since we were all working women, we met once a month on Saturday morning.

About Women With A Passion for Jesus

Linda S. shared what she had learned about the Hebrew names of God which we decided to study in-depth. Over forty women also gave their testimonies over the seven years of our meetings. A few of them had moved back to Fort Scott after leaving years before, including me. This was our third time there. We knew God was up to something.

As we researched more about the names of God, the women’s miraculous stories seemed to fall along the journey God had taken us all in our lives and of the children of Israel in four parts:





I knew these stories had to be written down from the cassette tapes I had. So, Christmas, 2003, I told Jim, my husband, that all I wanted for Christmas was an on-line writing course by Susan Titus Osborn to learn fictional techniques. That’s what I got.

In April, without my knowledge, my writer’s group decided to have Susan come from California to lead our conference. She stayed at my house. I asked for her course and got her, too!

El Roi [The God Who Sees] made it clear to me He saw me and gave me everything I needed to write. Over the next five years, as I worked with Denise in the hospital business office and many of the women you will meet, this book took shape. And, it gave me an opportunity to share the two supernatural events of the Rapture and their interpretations that the Lord gave me in 1994 and 1995.

It was through this group Denise learned who she was by knowing the Hebrew names of God, and every need she had was met by God Almighty. She became the main character in the discipleship workbook you find on this site.

This ‘God Who Are You’ site was created for three purposes:

  1. As a Mentor/Discipleship hub for giving and receiving – including a free e-course of the whole workbook – designed especially for those outside the U.S. who cannot order the book. The book can also be ordered from links on this site or from any on-line or physical bookstore.
  2. As a place to order the workbook at 25% discount for small groups whether in your neighborhood or church. Simply email me to request it: annmiesner@startmail.com   I will drop ship your order to you. Please give me your phone number so I can call you for your credit card number.
  3. As a place to post more articles with continued teaching that expounds upon the lessons of the workbook: GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names

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About Ann Morgan Miesner

Ann Morgan Miesner author bio

For many years Ann was known as the ‘book lady’ when she was a distributor and Area Manager of Successful Living Products–selling and placing inspirational book racks in grocery stores in South-Central Kansas and all of Oklahoma. The company’s motto was to “go to where the people are.” She is still a Good Book lady, and that is still her motto.

She has been married to Jim over 50 years––from three weeks after his return from Vietnam. They have four children (three sons and one daughter) and eleven grandchildren––all who love the Lord and follow Him.

Although they have successful relationships within their military family now, that does not mean they have not had many trials and problems. Within their immediate family, they have overcome about ten deployments. Their family has overcome,  and continue to fight the good fight of faith daily.

Ten years into their marriage, they learned God had a plan and purpose for their lives. In a critical time of extreme stress when they were hungry for a relationship with God, not religion, they decided to follow Jesus with their whole hearts.

The Holy Spirit opened their eyes to see they were living in bondage. They were in debt, and their marriage was in trouble. From there, God brought them out as they trusted Him with their lives, money, and possessions. He taught them lessons of faith when they found themselves without a job for one year. They experienced God in an exciting journey with Jesus that gets more exciting every single day.

Mission Statement

My mission is connected to my name: C.R.O.W.N: Calling Real Ordinary [Wo]men NOW– to know and experience God which will thrust them into a life of purpose and spiritual maturity in their relationship with God and within their own families.

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And they overcame him (Satan) because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even to death. (Revelation 12:11 NASB)

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