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How Strong is Your Spiritual Internet Connection?

Early one morning the Lord showed me exactly how our relationship with Him is like a strong, weak or nonexistent internet connection. And, that relationship with Him is the reason for this FREE eCourse Bonus to the book GOD Who Are You? AND Who AM I? Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names.

Allow me to explain what this eCourse is all about. When we moved into our neighborhood near the lake, the city was introducing underground fiber-optic, cable internet, TV and phone service called BOLT. Every business and individual around the lake was having trouble with wireless being reliable, especially in storms.

BOLT is still digging millions of miles to connect every household who chooses them. They are so highly regarded that people post one word on Facebook – BOLT – and everyone knows the cable finally reached their house.

Fiber-optic equipment keeps getting better, so equipping existing fiber with new electronics and with lasers that pulse light faster increases bandwidth without changing the fiber itself. This gives it a “future proof” existence since the need for higher bandwidth increases every year––much like our relationship with God. He is our only “future proof” existence of light, and our need for Him increases every year.

“Light a Fire in the Darkness with This eCourse”

Free eCourse Bonus Light

The morning the Lord demonstrated to me what He wanted to do with this free ecourse was at 5:00 a.m. He awakened me without an alarm after I told Him, “I want to get up early to spend time with You before Jim and Ladybug  (our dog) wake up.”

It was dark, so I went to find my oil lamp that I sometimes enjoy lighting for special worship times. Watching the flame of it or a candle always makes me feel closer to God in the early morning hours. I picked up one from the cabinet that was empty. Finally, I found the one I had used before, partially filled . . . and partially empty.

The words to the old song rang through my mind: Give me oil in my lamp, keep it burning. Give me oil in my lamp, I pray; give me oil in my lamp, keep it burning, burning, burning; keep it burning ‘til the break of day.

My thoughts went to the fact that if my body is the lamp and I haven’t filled it with oil, it will be like the first lamp I picked up. In the Bible, the symbol for Holy Spirit is oil.

The second lamp is the Christian who has very little oil in her lamp. It will soon be just like the first, unless she finds the source of oil, refills it, and keeps it filled. The source is Jesus Christ – the “baptizer in the Holy Spirit and fire”––that lights her up and makes her not sensitive to lightning strikes in storms.


Our Need for God’s Light Increases Every Year

Bottom line: without a strong, underground, daily connected relationship with Jesus Christ, we will wear out quickly and be absolutely burned out, because our need for His light, fire, and flame is ever increasing.

Matthew 25 tells the story of ten virgins who all had lamps at the midnight hour. Five were foolish and five were wise. When the five-foolish found their lamps burning out, they wanted the extra oil the wise, prepared virgins had brought along to refill their lamps. The Bridegroom Jesus arrived at the Rapture and the five-wise went into the wedding banquet celebration with Him, but the five-foolish arrived later banging on the door to get in. Jesus had to say to them,

“Truly, I say to you, I do not know you.”

Let’s look at this story from a present-day perspective as to why the five-foolish were left behind:

Have you ever uploaded a file from your computer over the internet? I recently needed one book cover transformed into four different ebook covers as i was creating this on-line course. After I received them back, I learned a young lady in India had done it for me – on the other side of the planet!

This transaction could only have taken place when three things were in order:

  1.  My computer was turned on.
  2.  I had a strong, grounded fiber-optic, cable internet connection.
  3. The Web site I tried to reach was also a strong connection whose server was never down.

Holy Spirit is the only Person of the omnipresent God Head (Father, Son, Spirit) on Earth today. He is HERE. One thing we can count on – He. Is. Always. THERE. His server is never down! Number 3 is in order – ALWAYS


Is My Lamp Burning?

free ecourse lampAm I turned on? is the question.

Have I tried to make a connection with Him lately?

If He can’t see my IP address or the connection from where He is, He can do nothing else on that day except to say, “I never knew you.” He would not be ABLE to pull you up – or upload you – to His home where He is taking His Bride –the Church worldwide.

The Gospel of Luke, chapter 13, tells the story of the five-wise and five-foolish women in more depth. Two times Jesus says, “I do not know where you are from.”

This free ecourse bonus to the book GOD Who Are You? will show you the way, so Jesus never has to say that of you.

Does Jesus Know Your Address?

Have you uploaded a selfie to HIM? Does He see it daily so He will recognize you and be able to transform you?

The five-foolish tried to get oil from someone else. That’s like expecting to upload your selfie picture, that only you possess, on someone else’s phone. Can’t be done!

Is your lamp empty or full? It takes effort to fill it.

It takes time.

It takes a surrender of your heart and life to the LORD!

Relationship not Religion Free Ecourse


relationship not religion free ecourse

The five-foolish, too busy, too lazy, unprepared [wo]men woke up too late––with only a dead religion to show for their lives. As a result, they had no personal relationship with the groom they were to marry and were left behind.

“I don’t know you,” Jesus had to say. “I don’t see a spiritual connection.”

This is what the free e-course to the book, GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? is all about.

  • How do I get to KNOW God?
  • How can He know me? How can I know who I am?
  • There’s only one way I know – that’s by knowing Him by His name.

How can we say we know someone when we don’t even know their name?

Do You Want to Know God by His name?

GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I?––Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names is about seeking and finding a personal relationship with God as demonstrated through the stories of over 40 women and their families.

When we grow to know God, we learn who we are.  We learn to face where we came from and discover who we are and where we are going. It will help equip you for this eternal journey. Jesus is coming back very soon for His mature bride! Are you ready to come face-to-face with Him?

The book comes in one paperback book – a book and a workbook – four parts included––in English, Spanish and Russian–as a devotional and for small group studies.

but also in 4 eBooks:

As a FREE eCourse, in 4 parts:


Get the FREE eCourse Bonus

The time has come to present this book as a FREE eCourse Bonus to the GOD book–which means the whole book is published on this site. This is how it comes:

  • 15-minute, illustrated segments, introduced via email,  One chapter per week – 12 weeks
  • All four parts, meaning all four eBooks/workbook, are included.
  • Includes fun exercises of fill-in-the-blank, matching, and more–which you can download from this site OR
  • if you don’t have a printer handy, you can have the WORKBOOK beside you so you don’t have to download the exercises which provide additional, valuable information.
  • Allow me to be your virtual tutor/mentor.

Because it takes time to internalize the concepts of who God is, I  chose this method  It gives the Holy Spirit time to take the information from your mind and turn it on and light it up in your heart – your computer.

Who is the FREE eCourse Bonus for?

  • Busy, working and stressed out [wo]men
  • Hurting moms, wounded dads, wives, husbands, older teens and college-aged young adults
  • New believers who have not known what to do with what they got – and who have little or no Bible knowledge
  • Those who have been Christians all their lives, but, like me and Denise (main character in the book), never learned who they were in God’s eyes and that He has a plan for their lives
  • Those who have been through the course with the workbook and have said, “I wish I could do it again.”

 Discover in this Free eCourse Bonus?

  • The depth of God’s love for you and that He has your best interests at heart
  • Relationship, not Religion
  • An understanding of who Holy Spirit is and what He wants to do for you
  • The B-E-A-R Facts of Faith that manifest miracles daily
  • God’s will in your daily decisions
  • God’s way of money management, meeting your every need, no matter the circumstances
  • God’s blessings and protection manifested for your family
  • How refining fires sharpen God’s plan for your life
  • How to share your faith with others
  • Healing, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically
  • The significance of the times in which we are living and where we fit in
  • That God’s Hebrew names explain the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • When we talk about His Hebrew names, God Most High shows up!

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