Melissa H. – Warrior: No Longer Wounded

Where to begin is the hard part. There is so much I would like folks to know about how much this book has touched my life. There’s just not enough paper nor ink to describe. So, here is the short version:

I have been blessed to be part of the United States Army for many years, and have recently been introduced to the civilian world. Now retired after several deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, and many assignments in between as a warrior in the flesh, I have been brought to Oklahoma.

Long before I knew I was to read this precious book, it was placed in my path.  I attended a group, who with all their spirituality and not just talk but walking with the Lord, I knew I wanted more by reading and was there each week. Learning the principles out of Genesis, for me, was incredible. For some it might come easy. Without all the detail – you don’t just get medically retired for no reason.

Through how the book was written, it was truly easy to read. I personally learned that I have been running from things for many years. Although I still had God’s shield around me, the whole time, He is the reason I’m still here. I Learned through the book that I needed to face these issues or my relationship with God would continue to feel like it was on R & R (rest & relaxation).

So, with starting to face these issues I was running from, gradually things have been working themselves out. As I may quote a sentence from the book, “It won’t provide answers to all your problems, but it will point you to the one who sees all, knows all, and does all things well. It will help you find who are you, where you came from and where you are going.”

I want to end with this: I’m forever grateful that Mrs. Ann was given the gift to write this book. Her gift has placed this wounded warrior on her feet, not just physically, but also mentally, and on the path that God has chosen for me. My hope is that others struggling from military service or just life in general, that each and every one would just take a peek at this book. You will find the answers in life that God has for you. Just don’t give up five more minutes for your miracle.


Faith and Trust in Jehovah God Always Works Wonders!

Lisa testimony

I have to share a small testimony. While reviewing the B-E-A-R Facts of Faith, I realized I have not taken up an issue of my painful ankle to the Lord (and this is an injury I had gone to see doctors and been to therapy over summer for), so I was reminded that I can, and I said a prayer back in October.

I can’t tell you if it happened right after or a few days, but some time later, I was feeling like something was different and I realized I wasn’t feeling the pain! Weeks later, I can walk in my high heels!

Over and over, I am reminded no circumstance is too small or too big for our Jehovah. It’s almost like He shepherds in variety of ways and means, with an ultimate goal–to build our trust on Him. Just wanted to give our Heavenly Father some praise!



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