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Do you feel alone and like no one cares?

Do you feel roadblocked in your search for real love?

Are you in debt and feel stuck with no way out?

Maybe you are always physically sick, even sick and tired of religion and ready for something more.

You may be a believer, yet never learned what to do with what ya got!

I get it! That was me years ago.

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My name is Ann Miesner. For the last seventeen years I have mentored women one-on-one in restaurants, in my own neighborhood three times, and in small groups. Every time, God showed up and showed out for those ready to put in the effort to make a change! They went from:

• rejected and neglected to feel accepted and loved
• hiding with insecurity and shame to freedom, allowing others to love them
• worrying about finances to knowing the true source of all things
• sleepless nights to peaceful rest regarding your children and family
• a barren woman to mother of her own children

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MY STORY of learning how good God is started when I was 25 years old with two small children. My life felt dead, and I had no idea how to feel loved and alive again.

Although I had good parents, we never talked as a family; I had little self-esteem, did not even know how to interact with my husband . . . until one day . . . everything started to change. God showed up as I learned to acknowledge His name.

Ten years later, my Vietnam-veteran husband and I spent one whole year without a job and no insurance when I was pregnant. Surprisingly, God supernaturally met our every need as we entered His School of Faith and put into action what we learned.

Will you allow me to mentor you about who God is by His name, so you can know who you are? It is when we learn to face where we came from that we discover where we are going.

I do this with the workbook the Lord gave me to write: GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? Knowing and Experiencing God By His Hebrew Names.

God Shows Up When We Honor His Name

GOD showed up when our women’s group, established Sept. 8, 2001, studied the Hebrew names of God and we acknowledged His name. He will do the same for you, too, because He knows your name!

Have you had someone talk to you in a group setting expecting an answer, yet they had never acknowledged your name and are waiting for a reply? We like our names.

Our women’s group learned that GOD likes His name, too, and that He responds to His character names in the root Hebrew language in a powerful way! Through this process, women overcame depression, anxiety, and fear.

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Knowing Who God Is Brings Us To Be Rapture Ready

In 1994 and 1995 God gave me two supernatural events depicting the catching away of the Body of Christ. In ’99 my family moved to Fort Scott, Kansas, where the Lord brought amazing women across my path with incredible testimonies that they shared in our city-wide group where we studied twelve of the more prominent Hebrew names of God.

These stories had to be told, so I spent five years studying fictional techniques as I transposed about 40 of their stories to share with Scripture of God’s names to help explain them. The result was a bible study workbook, GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? – Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names.

The workbook comes in two identical versions. They just have different covers to match your preference. The original book has the women on the cover whose stories are shared in the book;  the color cover was designed for mixed company.

God Who Are You And Who Am I? Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names

GOD Who Are You? Translated To Other Languages

It has been translated into a Spanish workbook and 4 eBooks as well as 4 separate print books of the four parts:

Leaving Bondage, Lessons in the Wilderness, Crossing the Jordan River and Possessing the Promised Land Plan

A Russian workbook was translated by Lisa Kravachuk and edited by her mother, Mariya Pypenko. Amazon is unable to publish it, but by God’s grace, it is available for Russian bookstores, libraries, and universities.

A FREE eCourse in the English version is offered in 15-minute daily increments on this Web site–especially for those unable to purchase from countries outside the U.S.

Table of Contents

Click this link for Table of Contents>>>Table of Contents God Who Are You

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Leader’s Guide for God Who Are You? Bible Study

Leader's Guide for God Who Are You? Bible Study for Mixed Company

A LEADER’S GUIDE with answer key is also available. This guide was compiled over twelve years of leading small groups in neighborhood homes, one-on-one in restaurants with Each-One-Teach-One guide and in churches.

We women and our families learned that “When we know and understand who God is, we grow to know who we are and where we’re going by facing squarely where we came from.”

Incredible Testimonies:

Gretta Overcomes Depression, Anxiety, and Fear

Gretta E. from Mississippi is a single mother caring for her three grandchildren and was in a place where all she could see was her difficult circumstances. She took the FREE eCourse and gave her testimony at the end, saying,

“Studying Jehovah, the Hebrew words and their meanings for–he will be;–His being; and he was, was the most blessing to me. I discovered Hah was there in my brokenness, Hovi is here in my transformation, and Yehi will forever be glory in me.

“As I was praying and worshiping, I felt the divine presence of Jehovah enter the room. The glory was beautifully overwhelming. He came to embrace me, to show his unfailing and perfect love for me, and to assure me that I am His and He is mine.”

Gretta learned that God Sees Jesus Blood when He looks at her, which gave her security in the Lord’s love, so she could receive from Him by faith.

Melissa Finds Love, Freedom, Healing, and Purpose

Melissa H. studied GOD Who Are YOU? AND Who Am I?  in a group setting. She said, “Through this book, this wounded warrior has been placed on her feet, not just physically, but also mentally, and on the path that God has chosen for her. My hope is that others struggling from military service or just life in general, would get this book–just take a peek. Just don’t give up five more minutes for your miracle.”

Melissa discovered answers in life that God had for her. You also will find peace, freedom, healing, guidance and purpose.

How to overcome depression anxiety fear with a small group Bible Study
Small Group GOD Who Are You? Bible study

Janice Becomes a Mentor and Reaches Her Neighbors for God

Janice M. in Colorado, could have chosen to take the Each One Teach One route, but instead chose to prayer walk her neighborhood utilizing the Joshua/Jericho Prayer-Walking Guide in the Leader’s Guide. She then invited her neighbors to her home for a study. As she asked one lady to come, she said,

“Oh, I was just about to contact a medium. I want to hear from God so bad!”

In the first two modules of the study, Janice led two women to receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord, giving them direct access to the Father–and now they feel loved by God because they are.

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I can guarantee you, that by the time you work through the print workbook, the four eBooks, or the free eCourse bonus at this site, God will invade your space. Please give Him the opportunity.

Beginning in Genesis, you will travel with my military family, and 40 other individuals, until you find yourself in Revelation 12 as an overcomer–receiving the Crown of Life and sharing your own testimony of how you learned to feel loved by God.

>>>GO HERE for a listing of all the bestselling books mentioned in the workbook; most are classics that will never get old or out of print. Also listed are Bibles used in writing the book.

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