We help people know who God is, so they can know who they are and can feel loved and live with peace, joy, and purpose, and be prepared for Jesus’ return.

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Sarah Morris:

Sarah Morris Testimony

I was just reading this morning and yesterday morning again in your lovely book. It will bless me I know for a lifetime. It is so God inspired. Every time I pick it up the Lord speaks to me in a new way. Thank you again for being transparent before others so that the Lord can speak to us through your and other’s stories. Read more…


Lisochka Kravchuk:

Lisa's testimonyYour ministry has been an encouragement during a demanding time. I’m thankful the Lord set up our meetings in the way that was most effective to my and my family’s needs. He truly is Jehovah El Roi–The God Who Sees.

I pray His faithfulness continues to hold His people through all times and seasons. It was because of the study of His names that I was able to grow in deeper trust and understanding. The BEAR facts of faith were and still are a great tool. My children are protected and provided for because of it! It was an encouragement to my weary soul! Read more…


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