Couples and Mixed-Company Discipleship Workbook

Couples and Mixed Company Bible Study Discipleship Workbook

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GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names – a Bible Study Workbook for Couples and/or Mixed Company [Identical Interior to Bridal Women’s Workbook]

WHEN WE KNOW AND UNDERSTAND who God is, we grow to know who we are and where we are going by facing where we came from. Miesner guides readers through the stories of forty, real, ordinary women and families as they experience God in their daily lives so that they too might commit themselves 100 percent to Jesus Christ before His return.

• the depth of God’s love for you and that He has your best interests at heart;
• relationship, not religion.
• an understanding of who Holy Spirit is and what He can do for you;
• the B-E-A-R Facts of Faith that manifest miracles daily;
• how to discern God’s will in your daily decisions;
• God’s plan of economy–meeting your every need–no matter the circumstances;
• how refining fires sharpen God’s plan for your life;
• how to share your faith with others;
• healing spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically;
• significance of the times in which we are living and where you fit in as the mature bride of Christ

How This Bible Study Discipleship Workbook For Couples Came To Be

THE BOOK WAS BIRTHED over seven years in the city-wide Bible study group, established Sept. 8, 2001. The group’s focus was repentance and prayer for families, the military, cities, and nations. After seven years of studying the Hebrew names of God and sharing Supernatural Event #1 1994 and Supernatural Event #2 1995 of the Rapture the Lord gave her, the outcome was this Bible study workbook.

MIESNER SPENT FIVE additional years transposing over forty women’s incredible testimonies with fictional techniques. She felt she was merely a bystander as their stories fell into a chronological pattern, along with her family’s story, explaining the Hebrew names of God’ character, and actually writing this book from beginning to end.

How Will This Workbook Help You?

READERS WILL TRAVEL from Genesis to Revelation 12 as an overcomer sharing their own testimony at the end. This workbook is solid, Scriptural teaching of eternal truths lived out in the lives of real, ordinary people who know who they are and where they are going because they faced where they came from. Furthermore, they will be prepared for Jesus’ return.

You WILL Overcome:

  • Fear and Living Only by Your Feelings
  • Lack of Feeling Loved by Anyone
  • Lack of Purpose, Joy, and Peace
  • Emotional, Mental and Verbal Abuse
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Poverty – unmet needs
  • Physical Problems for Yourself and/or Family
  • Not Knowing Your Bible and the God of It

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How the Workbook is Organized

FOUR PARTS: Leaving Bondage; Lessons in the Wilderness; Crossing Jordan River; and Possessing Promised Land Plan.

Click Table of Contents God Who Are You  of 12 Modules

A book and a workbook:

12 modules – 2 chapters each with 5 components in each module:

1. 1st Chapter – Hebrew name of God teaching with fictional stories throughout
2. 2nd Chapter – Because God is . . . , what does that mean to me
3. My/Our Story of our family’s journey
4. Making It Personal fill-in-the-blanks, matching, and multiple-choice fun exercises
5. Because God is, “I am” personalized, daily confessional Scriptures from each module at the end.

How the Workbook Can be Used

• 13 or 23-week small-group study.
• personal devotional workbook.
• neighborhood Bible study; small group Bible study; cell group; as a house church book

HERE is You Universal Booklink For Mixed Company Discipleship Workbook: Amazon Store In Your Location

This Bible Study is Also a Discipleship Workbook and Mentoring Guidebook: Your House Can Change the World

Leader's Guide for God Who Are You? Discipleship Bible Study for Mixed Company

A leader’s guide and answer key was developed over ten years of leading this study as a discipleship handbook for women, with neighbors in homes, as an Each-One-Teach-One mentoring book at restaurants, and with Christian groups in churches.

It has proved to be great counseling for military families, individuals, and couples’ Bible studies.


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