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El Roi: God Who Sees You and Knows Your Name

“So, you’re moving to the lake to retire and die here, huh?” Our new neighbor retrieved his dog with these words and left.

El Roi - God who sees our affliction, circumstances and hears our misery. He also sees the future plans and purposes for our life.Jim and I were left shocked and speechless. Oh! how I wish I could have a second chance to answer him. I’d say, “No sir, we serve a God who sees us and knows us by our name, and our life has only just begun!”

Since moving to our lake-view home, we’ve seen the assignments from the Lord – El Roi [the God Who Sees] come into a more clear focus. That assignment for me involves you, for as I’ve come to know El Roi better, He has given me an avenue to help you do the same–to know Him, really know Him and who He is.

First of all, this will be a backwards article, because I’d like to start at the ending (or almost ending) of where I am now as I experience El Roi. After getting settled in our house in the winter, all the summer greenery outside was its ordinary, cold and bare bushes. But something wonderful happened when Spring drew near.

El Roi the God who creates red azaleas sees you and me too

One morning, I opened the front curtains as my eyes beheld beautiful, red flowers on the bushes outside, all along the front of the house–azaleas! I could hardly believe it. I had always wanted azaleas, but we never lived where they would grow.

In awe of God’s grace, love and mercy to me, I kept thanking Him as I felt His love sweep over me. He seemed to say to my heart, “I’ve held these just for you. They are from Me. You are mine, and I love you. You have not come to the lake to die. I have a plan for you here.”

God Who Sees White Peony
God Who Sees White Peony

Slowly, more flowers kept popping up and out. This article will give you a peek into my beautiful world. They are blooming as I write today and share fresh images with you.

This article is an introduction to what the God Who Sees You has given me to share. All last year of 2017, He directed me to start a blog site and to tear up my book, GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I?: Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names, into 15 minute segments….to make it a free online eCourse.

The book examines, not only El Roi, but eleven more prominent Hebrew names of God that help us know Him more intimately. And, by learning who He is, we learn who we are, where we have come from and where we are going.

El Roi – The ‘God Who Sees’ Asks You Two Questions

God Who Sees Purple Clematis
God Who Sees Purple Clematis

These two questions, “Where have you come from, and where are you going?” the angel of the Lord spoke to Hagar in Genesis 16. She had been running away from her circumstances until she came to the end of her road. He called her by her name when she had not spoken her name. It was because of this recognition that this ‘Person’ who spoke to her was God, that she named Him El Roi – the God Who Sees.

Furthermore, God told her that the child she was carrying should be named Ishmael, meaning, “the Lord has heard of your misery.” She felt unloved, only used; not appreciated, only abused. Only in the God Who Saw her did she find Someone who had her best interests at heart.

God Who Sees Red Roses
God Who Sees Red Roses

There’s no need to get into the details of the 8 principles of El Roi right now, because we do that in the first chapter of the book and the eCourse.

You can learn more about it by watching my 5-minute video where I tell about the 40 women who helped me write it–with their testimonies – HERE.

Or if you’d rather read the text, you can do so, HERE.

In each of these places, you will see a button where you can LEARN MORE about the free eCourse. Allow it to be your devotional for the day. OR Sign up below:

It will change your life forever, especially if you are like Hagar and running in the direction from which you should be going. Have you pinpointed where you came from, so you can face your past in order to see where you are going?

El Roi – The ‘God Who Sees’ Knows Your Name

God Who Sees Red & Pink Azaleas
God Who Sees Red & Pink Azaleas

I look forward to seeing you on the other side – as I watch for your name to pop up like a beautiful, unexpected azalea bush.

MY STORY – HOW EL ROI FOUND ME is at this link for you. The first time I told this story, a friend shared it with her grandson. She was able to use this method my father used on me to guide him to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior. [No email required.]

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