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Women: God’s Secret Weapon: God’s Inspiring Message to Women of Power, Purpose and Destiny

The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host: Kings of armies flee, they flee. And she who remains at home will divide the spoil!” (Psalm 68:11-12 NASB)

The above verse from Psalm has a tremendous application for this hour. Women will be a great host proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ right here in America—from their own houses––thus, bringing in a harvest of souls.

Psalm 68:11-12 tells us there will be a battle that women will win. They will collect and divide the spoil among themselves when they have gathered together in their own homes or other meeting places.

Why does this verse emphasize women? [NIV and KJV translations use the word company, so do not fret men]. What is the battle? What is the spoil they so greatly desire from the fight? And, how are they going to get it?

Why Women and What Battle for Spoil?

Lightening landscape with text overlay: Women God's Secret WeaponEd Silvoso and Frances Frangipane, plant good seed in the hearts of women through their writing. Silvoso, president of Harvest Evangelism, Inc., has four daughters and six granddaughters. He is qualified to write about women. He believes there has to be a rematch between the devil and the woman before Jesus’ return.

After all, the first deception was between the serpent and the woman Eve before the man was influenced. In his book, Women: God’s Secret Weapon: God’s Inspiring Message to Women of Power, Purpose and Destiny, he writes, “I call it a rematch because it will involve the original contenders: human beings and the devil himself. Just like their predecessor in the Garden, women will play a central role, except that this time, as God has predicted, Eve’s daughters will win” (Regal, 2001, Ventura, CA, P. 74-75).

Author and teacher, Francis Frangipane writes, “Yes, indeed, there is a battle; there still exists ‘enmity between (the serpent) and the woman’ (Gen.3:15). Satan especially hates you because it was your seed that bruised the serpent’s head. It is amazing to me that God chose to bring His Son into the world, not through the heavens nor even through a woman impregnated by man, but through a woman made pregnant by God! God Himself came to earth through the woman’s power to give birth!” (A Word to Women of God––You Were Created to Birth Breakthrough on the Earth,” accessed Sept. 10, 2007).

God chose a woman, Mary, to give birth to His Son, Jesus. More still, it was women who were among the first to proclaim the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection! And now, women who are faithful “Marys” are birthing battle plans to win souls and disciple them.

What Is the Spoil the Faithful Mary-Women Desire?

women how to know if you have spoil

We are at war in a spiritual battle in America and our world like never before. The spoil from physical wars are lands, cities, gold, silver, and weapons. But Jesus says, “I advise you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may become rich . . . .” (Rev. 3:18 NASB).

The LORD’S gold is what a faithful “Mary” so greatly desires.
Allow me to illustrate what the “spoil of gold” include by telling you about only a few of the “Marys” I know. Their stories are divided by the specific blessings of El Shaddai––our One True Almighty God:

Increase of the Kingdom of God:

Sarah M. requested prayer for her long-time friend. Sarah then gave her a copy of the workbook she was studying in a home Bible study. Her friend found Jesus not long afterward.

Sarah M. chose to lead the same Bible study in her mother Sharon’s home. She invited eight of her friends and relatives. During the study, Sarah’s sister-in-law led her neighbor to the Lord who then joined the study!

Deliverance from Bondage:

Linnie M., who struggled with anxiety and bi-polar issues, drove all by herself to her first Bible study––in a home group setting. God miraculously answered her prayer by providing money for her son to pay court fees to avoid going back to prison. This prodigal son and his whole family returned to God and the Church family.

As Denise learned about God’s character by studying His Hebrew names, she discovered who she was––highly valued and loved. After looking for many years only to doctors and medicine to heal her panic attacks, depression and severe digestive problems, she chose to look only to Jesus and realized perfect healing of body, mind, and spirit. She became the mother of three children––one by adoption, two natural.


Two boys and a little girl from Russia found their home with Mark and Amanda G.

A little girl from China gained parents and Willa C, as her grandmother.

The gold spoil of Michelle and Ken H.’s long battle with barrenness was three children––Joshua Caleb, whom they adopted, and then twin girls born naturally.

Through prayer and fasting, Davi and Kurt M. were blessed with a baby boy after ten years of marriage.

Promise of a Homeland, Purpose and Heaven:

Kim C.’s long, involved story of deliverance from Satanic oppression linked to childhood verbal abuse, rape and the occult, had a happy ending with all her family finding Jesus, which was the only request she made of God. Her mother and sister both died, but Kim had assurance through dreams that both made it to heaven.


Linda B. and Sally J. each prayed early one morning, as usual. Linda’s children walked away from their van that rolled three times that day––which usually is fatal. Sally’s five-year-old grandson was backed over by a car. When his mother turned to thank the man who prayed for him at the scene, he was gone. Four days later the child was playing in the yard.

Spoil is defined as plunder taken from an enemy in war or from a victim in robbery. We know it is Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Like these ladies, you just read about, it is time for all of us to stand up and take back what he has stolen from us. It is hard work. It is war, and it is God’s battle!

What is the Strategy for Women to Take Back the Spoil?

Yellow lillies with text Because God is Jehovah we are Jesus feet

Psalm 68:11 begins by saying, “The Lord gives the command.” The Hebrew noun, ômer, for ‘command’ means a purpose, a plan. The word ‘armies’ is the Hebrew word tsâbâ which is also translated as ‘host’ or ‘company’, as in a host of soldiers, angels or in reference to all of creation.

Who is giving this command? Jehovah-Sabaoth [The Lord of hosts], Supreme Commander of the Universe. He is carrying out a strategy to win His Bride for His Son, and He is doing it––with a purpose and a plan––just as He had a purpose and plan for the children of Israel.

After the children of Israel left Egypt and arrived in the Promised Land, and they were about to fight for the land, Joshua saw a man with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua asked him, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?”

And he said, “No, rather I indeed come now as captain of the host of the LORD.” And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and bowed down and said to him, “What has my lord to say to his servant?”

And the captain of the LORD’S host said to Joshua, “Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy” (Josh. 5:13-15). And Joshua did so.

The captain of the LORD’S host is none other than Jehovah Sabaoth [The LORD of hosts]. With His drawn sword in hand, it’s like He was saying to Joshua and now to us, “Fear not, I will take it from here. I see you; I hear you, and I am here. Just trust me; know me; seek me; believe Me and keep confessing My Word and act on it!”

This re-matched victory against the serpent Satan will come about through the influence of the woman. But, a woman cannot do it alone, no more than she can have a child on her own––we trust the Lord of hosts to fight for us.

God chose Mary to give birth to His Son; thus, bringing Him into the world the first time. God has chosen you and me as end-time Marys, with Josephs by our side,  to give birth to the harvest of souls before the second coming of His Son, Jesus Christ.


All the details of the real, ordinary people’s stories above (and many more) are from my workbook, GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names. You can add your victory testimony to those above by going through this workbook. Check it out further at the ‘Get the Book’ button below:

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Women Gods Secret Agents How to Get Your Spoil

M6A God is El Shaddai [The All-Sufficient One]

 When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty [El Shaddai]; walk before me and be blameless. I will confirm my covenant between me and you and will greatly increase your numbers.” —Genesis 17:1-2

God is El Shaddai

Francy’s story is the best thing to help us understand who El Shaddai is . A few weeks after the birth of her second child, she left both children with her husband Scott while she escaped to the hairdresser. Returning later than planned, she found her house in total uproar. Both children were crying. Since the baby had not yet learned to take a bottle, Scott was unable to meet the needs of his infant child. Within minutes, peace ruled as Francy nursed the baby, and Scott was able to console his two-year old son.

This is the concept God was teaching Abraham in Genesis 17:1-2—His all-sufficiency is everything we could ever need—“able” to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. As our parent, He blesses us as both our mother and our father. As a nursing mother is able to completely meet the physical and emotional needs of her child, God is able to care for, and console, us above all we can ask, think or dream of—the essence of El Shaddai.


El Shaddai pours outThe Hebrew name for God, “El Shaddai,” appears as “God Almighty” seven times in the Old Testament until the time of Moses. Almighty means Shaddai. The “El” of El Shaddai (and of El Roi and Elohim) means mighty, whereas some scholars say that El Shaddai means the Powerful One, or the Mighty One. “Rabbis believed the term meant the ‘One who is self-sufficient.’”[1] The root word comes from shadah, to shed, to pour out. “I am that God who pours out blessings, who gives them richly, abundantly, continually.”[2]

As you can see, scholars differ on the meaning of the root word of El Shaddai, which is no mistake, because He is all things. Kay Arthur in her book, The Peace & Power of Knowing God’s Name, leans toward the definition set forth by Andrew Jukes in The Names of God, explaining that the Hebrew word shad refers to “the breast,” or more exactly, a “woman’s breast.”[3]

The Hebrew word for blessing means God’s favor, benefits, happiness and peace.[4] What are these blessings poured out for us that we can expect from our Heavenly Father, El Shaddai? What are the conditions to receiving them, and who can receive them? The blessings are: increase, fruitfulness, promise of a homeland, deliverance from bondage, and protection. Let us review how Scripture relates each of these to El Shaddai.

Increase by El Shaddai

Remember, God’s confirmation of the covenant blessing God made to Abraham was nine months before Isaac was born. El Shaddai reassured him that he truly would increase his numbers through a child from his wife Sari. Abram meant “a high or exalted father;” whereas, God changed his name to Abraham (see Gen. 17:5), meaning “a father of a multitude.”[5]

Increase for Abraham was not only in numbers of descendants, but in influence and leadership. His faithfulness, trust and obedience to God influenced the whole world, like water spilling over a barrel covering the earth. Who is not familiar with the reputation of Abraham and of his faith which claimed a new nation? Especially since the war in Iraq, we see the descendants of Ishmael claiming him as their father also.


Christmas was always a sad time for Denise and her husband Joe, because they had no children. Finally, able to give it over to God one Christmas, Denise prayed, “Lord, if You want me to be a career woman and not have kids, I’ll accept that. If You want me to be a mother, it’ll have to happen soon. If You want us to adopt a child, You’ll have to drop one in my lap because we can’t afford one. If You’re not going to give me a child, then You’ll have to take away the desire.” In seeking God’s will, Denise was to find He was willing for increase.

Fruitfulness by El Shaddai

Before Jacob left for his Uncle Laban, Isaac passed on the blessing to him, “May God Almighty bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers until you become a community of peoples” (Gen. 28:3). In turn, Jacob blessed his son Joseph with these words, “Joseph is a fruitful vine . . . because of the Almighty, who blesses you with blessings of the heavens above, blessings of the deep that lies below, blessings of the breast and womb” (Gen. 49:22, 25).

Fruitfulness in every way is the promise of El Shaddai. Abram had to wait until he was ninety-nine years old, and Sari until she was ninety, to receive the child of promise, but it did happen. And, at the fulfillment of the promise came a name change for them both. [God told Abraham in Genesis 17:15 to call Sari, Sarah.]


Less than one month after Denise’s prayer, at an uncle’s funeral dinner, Joe’s mother approached him and Denise and said, “An unwed couple from within the family is expecting their sixth child and wants to give it up for adoption. They want to know if you want it. They want to keep it within the family.”

Denise’s heart leapt at those words, but they were almost like gossip, not a fact. The baby was to arrive in only two months, so they called the expecting man’s father. A meeting was planned with the parents. The couple did want to give the baby up for adoption.

The adoption cost only $1,000 for lawyer fees, but it was a fortune to Denise and Joe; however, just as a mother cares for her child, El Shaddai met their needs. Co-workers and friends gave of their best, and for the last remaining amount, Joe liquidated some assets. After a Bible study and sharing time, a friend named Patty donated her valuable social-service expertise for the background check for the adopting parents.

Denise had only two months to prepare for the baby. One particular day, with an unusual feeling of urgency, Denise shopped for her final baby supplies. The next day, the baby was born—one month earlier than expected.

After arriving at the hospital the night before, Denise and Joe heard the mother might be changing her mind. They prayed all night long in great anguish. The next morning, a beautiful baby girl was born, with one major complication, metopic crainiosynostosis, where the sutures of the cranium are closed rather than open to allow for growth of the child’s brain.

In the final outcome, the baby belonged to Denise and Joe. Surgery corrected the defect before the baby was six months old. Her forehead had appeared trianglar when looking from the top, but now she was normal, and the pressure on the brain was alleviated. The $100,000 hospital costs and surgery for the baby was paid with insurance from Denise’s job and financial aid. Meanwhile, two weeks after the adoption, Joe was laid-off from his job.

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