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In an effort to encourage you in your mentoring endeavors, I am giving you a 15% discount without adding shipping and tax, for simplicity–which gives you an additional 10% savings

ORDER One GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? Workbook ($20.99 retail) and get One Leader’s Guide ($13.99 retail) at 15% discount for both a 25% savings in English Only at $29.75



ORDER two or more of the workbooks at 15% discount (a 25% savings) at $ 17.85 ea. English, Spanish or Russian


  1. Click on the price of your choice(s) below and tell me how many sets and/or books you desire and if you want the color cover  discipleship workbook for mixed company or the workbook with women on the  cover (English). If no choice specified, I will send you the color workbook.


  1. Click on the blue button to be taken to my secure payment area. No tax or shipping is added. Just do your own calculation from the two prices listed.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery from Amazon.


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